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WP link-log PluginFree WordPress link-log Plugin

This WordPress Plugin allows you to find out where your visitors leave to by tracking clicks on external links.

Sofware Info
Software TypeWordPress Plugin
Current Version1.3
Last Change2014-10-26

Free WordPress Plugin to track clicks on external links.

Find out where your visitors leave to! This Plugin allows you to track which external links your visitors click on. Multiplce clicks from the same IP-address can be omitted.

To achieve this the link-log Plugin changes all your links to external sites. For example is changed to

The link change takes place when a post or page is displayed. Internal links to pages on your domain are not changed, also URLs not starting with http or https are not changed. Also attributes (like class or target) are not touched.

There is no need to change anything. All Links in all posts (even custom post types) and pages are changed automatically in front end. When editing a post or page in back end all links appear unchanged.

Settings (optional)

In Settings -> link-log you can set the name of the parameter (default ?goto),the duration of the IP-lock (default none) and whether to omit search engines or not.

Theme functions

There are two functions you can use in your theme files:

get_linklog_url( $url ) to get the tracking URL, e.g. <?php $google = get_linklog_url( '' ); ?>

the_linklog_url( $url ) to echo the tracking URL, e.g. <a href="<?php the_linklog_url( '' ); ?>" target"=_blank">Google</a>




Click Stats

Click Stats


The WordPress link-log Plugin can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory.

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WP link-log Pluginwp-link-log2014-10-26wp-link-log version 1.3 releasedmore...
WP link-log Pluginwp-link-log2014-09-19wp-link-log version 1.2 releasedmore...
WP link-log Pluginwp-link-log2014-06-25wp-link-log version 1.1 releasedmore...
WP link-log Pluginwp-link-log2014-02-25wp-link-log version 1.0 releasedmore...

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